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Switching to a phosphate-free, natural laundry detergent is an easy way to green up your household cleaning routine. We have been making our laundry detergent for years, using scraps of soap left over from making our laundry stain bars. Many laundry powders are made with commercially produced laundry bar soap, which contains ingredients known to be harmful to septic systems and aquatic ecosystems. My laundry soap is made from soap hand made by me, from vegetable oils, no lard, palm or petroleum products, or artificial fragrances. And it smells terrific too – a light and fresh combination of citrus essential oils with a hint of sweet thyme.
You may use this detergent either as a scoopable powder, or dilute with water to make a liquid laundry gel. I prefer liquid laundry gel over powder, because I can wash in cold water and not worry about whether or not the powder is fully dissolved. Either way, you will get 32 loads out of this package. Just give the jug a good shake each time you use it to keep the solution well-mixed. Safe for HE washing machines, as well as top-loading washing machines.
handmade laundry bar soap, Sodium Carbonate, sodium borate, orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, sweet thyme essential oil, vegetable glycerin

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