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Khala Reusable Coffee Filters



205 million Americans drink coffee every day – and while more people are using alternative brewing methods like organic coffee filters, the sheer amount of paper coffee filters required means a disturbing number of trees are coming down. At that rate, making the decision to go paperless with reusable organic coffee filters is just as impactful as the decision to go plastic-less. Bonus, it will save you money down the road by replacing the repeating cost of coffee filter cones with a onetime purchase that will last you an entire year! Starting your day by making a conscious effort (difficult in the morning, we know) to brew with a sustainable filter is a great way to set the tone for your day.


  • #2 Cone – fit most 2-6 cup electric coffee makers
  • #4 Cone – fit most 8-12 cup cone electric coffee makers
  • Pour Over – fit 3-6 cup Chemex or pour over coffee makers
  • Small Basket Filters – fit 3-6 cup basket style electric coffee makers
  • Large Basket Filters – fit 6-12 cup basket style electric coffee makers

NOTE: Each order comes with 2 filters.

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