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Repurposed Wine Glass Cups


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Refresh Glass Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses are shipped in custom packaging that shows our story. Each glass is created from a wine bottle that was collected from local bars and restaurants. Made entirely in the USA, each carafe is hand crafted with a sturdy and heavy feel. Their proprietary methods allow the drinking glass rims to have a perfectly smooth finish, adding a certain sophistication to your experience. Our process stress relieves the glass so you can continue to enjoy using the glasses for years to come. Refresh Glass prides themselves on their rescue mission and quality. Every glass is inspected to ensure that they conform to their high production standards. Since every wine bottle collected is unique, actual volume may vary slightly. At Refresh Glass, each glass is a bottle diverted from the landfills and transformed into functional art; all in part of their 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission.

Dishwasher safe.

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