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A Zero Waste - Refill Shop in your area.

Now Open in Denver, CO.

Towards a More
Sustainable Future

Welcome to Off the Bottle Refill Shop.
We are an eco-friendly shop specializing in sustainable and clean household essentials that minimize waste.

Non-toxic, Low Waste
Home and Body products

Our selection of eco-friendly household products help to minimize
waste by limiting the need for packaging.

Containers & Accesories

Personal Care

Household Essentials

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Commited with Quality

for all of our Products
We are committed to supplying products that are eco-friendly, clean and effective. We make sure to investigate every ingredient that goes into the products we stock. No matter what product you choose, you can feel confident that our products are of the highest caliber.

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220 East 13th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203, United States

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