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All Purpose Cleaning Tabs

Meliora’s All-Purpose Home Cleaner refill tabs let you clean any hard surface in your home using people- and planet-friendly ingredients with absolutely zero single-use plastic.

  All-Purpose Home Cleaner cleans floors, walls, countertops - even glass! This one refill tablet cleans them all. Just add 16 ounces of warm water, cap, and let the tablet dissolve into your new All-Purpose Home Cleaner spray. Then simply spray, clean, and wipe until dry for a streak-free finish. Once your refillable 16 oz. bottle is empty, drop in another Refill Tablet. No trash, no muss, no fuss. At just $1.66/per refill, you’ll save money as you help save the planet.Pet safe! Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and MADE SAFE Certified! If you miss scented cleaners, add your own essential oils to our All-Purpose Home Cleaner for a custom scent for any room in your home. Add up to 20 drops of essential oil to a full bottle for your own custom blend (Please check that any essential oils are ok to use around your family, pets, and plants). You have control over what your home can smell like. How to use: Remove sprayer from bottle and add warm water. Close bottle and shake gently; wait for tablet to dissolve. Warm water will dissolve the tablet faster than cold water (do not use very hot or boiling water). Spray your All-Purpose Home Cleaner on any hard surface. Wipe until clean and dry for a streak-free finish. *Always test any stained/finished surface in an inconspicuous spot. After adding water, use bottle contents within 6 months. Ingredients: Vegetable Soap [Potassium Cocoate, Sodium Cocoate, Glycerin, Water, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil].

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Seawitch Botanicals

Canary Clean Kitchen Bar

Keep your kitchen sparkling with Canary Clean! This all-natural dish soap, glass cleaner, and surface cleaner is detergent-free, biodegradable, and completely plant-based. Best of all, this packaging can be composted and recycled!Canary Clean Uses Simplify Your Cupboard  Trade the drippy plastic bottles full of synthetic nasties for a single, earth-made and earth-friendly bar that does it all! With Canary Clean, you get reliable cleaning power with no plastic packaging, no synthetic fragrance, no phosphates, no petroleum, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no colorants, and no need to send in a canary to test for toxins! All you'll need is a sponge and some elbow grease to get the whole kitchen spotless. More Bang for Your Buck When kept in a well-draining soap dish, your bar will last approximately 1-2 months. This of course depends on how clean you keep your nest, although you may find yourself wanting to clean more often. Contains Natural De-Greasers Contains orange essential oil which successfully removes the most stubborn grime, and promotes a positive mood to boot! Works great for removing paint from hands.  Nature-Approved Completely biodegradable and safe for the environment, we love keeping our water supplies clean and happy! You can feel good about what goes down your drain, and how great your kitchen looks. A Must-Have for Camping Canary Clean belongs in every camping bag! An alternative to soaps with triclosan, detergents, and similar environmental disruptors. Canary Clean can be used outdoors without doing harm to the environment.  How to Use: For cleaning dishes, wet a natural sponge and rub against the bar of Canary Clean, creating a rich lather. Scrub the dishes with the lathered sponge, going over tougher spots as needed.  For tough pans, you can cut of a small chunk of soap and soak to help loosen debris before scrubbing. For cleaning surfaces, lather Canary Clean on a wet wash cloth or sponge, then scrub where necessary. Add a little "elbow grease" for tougher stains.  For cleaning glass water pipes, cut off a small chunk of soap and drop it in the pipe, fill with hot water and swirl. Let the mixture stand for at least 10 minutes, swirl, and pour out. Use a scrub brush and repeat as needed.  All-Natural – No Phthalates – No Parabens – No Petroleum – No Synthetic Fragrances Ingredients:Saponified Organic Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis), Kaolin Clay

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