Off the Bottle Refill Shop, in the heart of Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, is a modern refillery with an old-world feel. Our mission is to offer alternatives to single use plastic consumption by refilling customers' already existing containers with non-toxic, eco-friendly home and body products. Shelves are lined with a carefully curated selection of all-purpose cleaners, shampoos, lotions, potions, soaps, detergents, toothpaste tabs, salts, scrubs, and so much more. Have you ever wondered what you can do to help lessen your carbon footprint and ease stress on our over-polluted planet? One simple step is to change the way you shop. Where to start? Visit your neighborhood refill station!


OTB offers a wide variety of sustainable and biodegradable Home & Body products, both locally-made and internationally-sourced, including many products from Colorado-grown, women-owned companies such as Colorado Aromatics, Spinster Sisters, Juniperseed Mercantile, Humble Suds, Keystone Inspired, and many more. We also partner with industry leaders like Blueland, Meliora, Root & Splendor, Rustic Strength, Marley’s Monsters, No Tox Life, Oneka, and Who Gives a Crap.


Guests are encouraged to bring in their own clean bottles, jars, bags, or boxes to have them filled with as much or as little high-quality, eco-friendly goods as they like, priced by the ounce (weight). No bottle? No problem. There are always free jars on hand (part of the OTB glass donation/freecycle program), and there is a large assortment of new glass, aluminum, and stainless steel containers, pumps, and accessories available, as well.


We strive to work with companies that practice circular shipping in order to reduce waste and reuse packing materials. Our eComm shop uses only reused/repurposed shipping materials and biodegradable tape. Any packaging that we cannot reuse is offered to the community at discount rates, donated to schools or charity, or recycled. Supporting the refill shop means less waste, cleaner waterways, and healthier, happier bodies.

Where & When

Come by and see us soon! Open everyday from 10am - 7pm. Off the Bottle Refill Shop is located at 220 E 13th Ave, just a few doors down from City, O City or The Cake Bar (all neighbors in the same historic building at the corner of 13th and Sherman) just a stone's throw from the gold dome of the Colorado State Capitol and the dramatic angles of the Denver Art Museum. Visit Cat’s Eye Crystals across the alley or book a piercing session at Iris Studios right next door. Capitol Hill is a vibrant and historic neighborhood, home to an array of restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, art, music, and vintage outlets, and so much more.

Bring your bottles. Buy by the ounce.

OTB is open everyday from 10:00 - 7:00