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Bamboo Dryer Balls

Place your Bamboo Dryer Balls in your dryer with your laundry, just toss them in, and let them do their job! They gently bounce around creating air pockets between your clothing or bedding, accelerating the drying process. They also absorb moisture, and static! As these dryer balls circulate around in your dryer, they actually soften your clothes and bedding by just gently bouncing on and off your laundry. 🌱Plant Based Dryer Balls - Hand felted using activated charcoal infused bamboo roving. ♻️Reusable for 1 Year, or 1000+ Loads of Laundry! 💧Hypoallergenic, Deodorizing , Cruelty Free & Compostable! 🎍This bamboo fiber absorbs odor, reduces drying time, reduces static, and soften your laundry! 💧Also, naturally contains negative ions and minerals which promote better health.🧺Safe with whites, baby clothes diapers, delicates, and any laundry!! Vegan. The Activated Charcoal Infused Bamboo Dryer Balls also have the added benefits of negative ions and minerals! If you like your laundry scented, just add a few drops of essential oils to each ball, roll them in your hands to help quicken and ensure absorption, then toss them in the dryer! They are washable as well, just use a mesh bag meant for delicates, place them in, and throw the bag in with a load on the gentle cycle. This bamboo is not dyed! It gets its color from being heated and carbonized. 

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Root & Splendor

Laundry Soap Concentrate - 16 oz glass

Root and Splendor's bioactive, 100% all-natural and plant-based Laundry Concentrates are powerfully effective at deep cleaning your fabrics and removing all sources of odors and stains.  Combined with vibrant botanicals of pure and natural essential oils to help your laundry smell amazing, our laundry soap will change the way you think about laundry forever!  Our formula delivers outstandingly effective and toxin-free results while never wavering in our commitment to protect your health and our planet.   Our products are formulated by a mom of 4 boys, alongside chemists and scientists, who wanted powerfully effective, natural and toxin-free products for her own family.  While the laundry soap is biodegradable and waterways safe, and sewer, septic and greywater systems safe, our packaging is also eco-friendly and sustainable.   Hypoallergenic, they are safe all skin types.  Transparent about all ingredients, we use the power of 3 surfactants to clean various surface dirt and grime, and the deep-cleaning power of 5 plant-based enzymes leaving no stain or odor untouched.  Effective in hot and cold water, we achieve premium 3rd party lab results for deep cleaning, softening, whitening and brightening fabrics.  Our Laundry Concentrate is ultra-concentrated, and ready-to-use, requiring only 1 Tablespoon per load of laundry.  While other brands contain up to 90% water in their laundry soap, we removed all water from our formula to achieve our premium, lab-tested and award-winning results.  Root and Splendor products are cruelty-free, woman-owned, powerfully effective, and formulated without harmful ingredients.  Safe for HE or traditional laundry machines.   Vegan. Use 1 TBS per load. Ingredients:3 surfactants: vegetable glycerin, coco glucoside, potassium cocoate5 enzymes: protease, pectate lyase, mannanase, cellulase, alpha amylase Pure and natural essential oils:  Hush Blend: lavandin grosso, rosemary, and sandalwood  Swell Blend: lemongrass, bergamot, and cedarwood 

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