Have you ever wondered what you can do to help lessen your carbon footprint and ease stress on our over-polluted planet? One simple step is to change the way you shop. Where to start? Visit your neighborhood refill station!

Here is an ever-changing list of some of the products we carry, please come in or contact us to learn more about how we can better suit your needs!

Kitchen: Cleaning

Dish Soap (Yaya Maria's)
-Lavender- $0.50/oz
-Lemongrass- $0.50/oz
-Grapefruit- $0.50/oz

Dish Soap (Ecos)
-Pear- $0.35/oz
-Unscented - $0.35/oz

Automatic Dishwasher Powder (Nellie’s) - $0.50/oz

Kitchen: Edible

Olive Oil (extra virgin, cold-pressed, organic) - $0.98/oz
Coconut Oil (organic) - $0.89/oz
Sunflower Oil (organic) - $0.62/oz
Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) - $0.30/oz
Tamari (organic) - $0.35/oz
Baking Soda - $0.30/oz
Baking Powder - $0.80/oz
Cornstarch - $0.80/oz
Himalayan Pink Salt (fine) - $0.45/oz
Himalayan Pink Salt (course) - $0.30/oz
Activated Charcoal - $3.35/oz

Cleaning: Laundry

Liquid Laundry Concentrate (Root & Splendor)
-Swell - $0.60/oz
-Hush - $0.60/oz
-2250 - $0.60/oz

Liquid Laundry Detergent (Rustic Strength)
-Lavender- $0.50/oz
-Rosemary Mint- $0.50/oz
-Unscented Economic- $0.35/oz

Laundry Powder (Meliora)
-Lemon Lavender Clove- $0.48/oz
-Unscented - $0.48/oz

Organic Soap Nuts- $1.55/oz

Illuminate Oxygen + Mineral Powder (Humble Suds) - $0.60/oz

Cleaning: Misc

Fizzing Scouring Powder (Juniperseed Mercantile) - $1.10/oz
Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub Powder (Meliora) - $0.75/oz
All Purpose Cleaning Liquid (Mama Suds)- $0.45/oz
Baking Soda - food grade (Humble Suds) - $0.30/oz
Cleaning Vinegar (Rustic Strength) - $0.30/oz
Castile Soap (Rustic Strength) -$0.49/oz
Isopropyl Alcohol (Rustic Strength) -$0.69/oz


Springtide Gold Face Cream (Colorado Aromatics) - $7.50/oz
Parsley Eye Serum (Colorado Aromatics) $6.50/oz
Razz Tightening Serum (Colorado Aromatics) - $9.00/oz

Face & Body Hydrosol Spritzer / Toner (Colorado Aromatics)
-Lavender - $3.75/oz
-Rose - $3.75/oz
-Cucumber - $3.75/oz

Face Mask (Colorado Aromatics) - $9.50/oz
Makeup Remover & Face Moisturizer (Juniperseed Mercantile) $5.60/oz
Face Cleanser (Spinster Sisters) - $4.50/oz


Angel Falls Shampoo (Colorado Aromatics) - $1.25/oz
Angelica Lavender Shampoo (Oneka) - $0.70/oz
Goldenseal Citrus Shampoo (Oneka) - $0.70/oz
Tea Tree Shampoo (Shikai) - $0.70/oz

Angelica Lavender Conditioner (Oneka) - $0.70/oz
Goldenseal Citrus Conditioner (Oneka) - $0.70/oz
Tea Tree Conditioner (Shikai) - $0.70/oz

Red Rocks Beard Oil (Colorado Aromatics) - $5.00/oz



Hand & Body Soap (Yaya Maria's)
-Lavender- $0.50/oz
-Lemongrass- $0.50/oz
-Grapefruit- $0.50/oz

Hand & Body Wash (Oneka)
-Cedar Sage- $0.70/oz
-Unscented- $0.70/oz

Liquid Hand & Body Soap (Spinster Sisters)
-Gardener’s Citrus Scrub- $1.15/oz

Clear Creek Hand & Body Cleansers (Colorado Aromatics)
-Lavender- $1.25/oz
-Citrus- $1.25/oz

Mind & Body Wash (Bathing Culture)
-Cathedral Grove- $1.75/oz


Mountain Mist Hand & Body Lotion (Colorado Aromatics)
-Lavender - $1.60/oz
-Citrus- $1.60/oz

Hand & Body Lotion (Oneka)
-Cedar Sage- $1.20/oz
-Unscented- $1.20/oz

Hand & Body Lotion (Arcadia Naturals)
-Tobacco & Spices- $1.60/oz
-Black Currant, White Tea- $1.60/oz

Dream Lake Body Butter (Colorado Aromatics)- $2.50/oz

Massage & Body Oil (Colorado Aromatics)
-Lavender Rose - $4.50/oz
-Rosemary Clover - $4.50/oz

Shea Butter- $1.00/oz
Mango Butter- $1.00/oz
Cocoa Butter- $1.00/oz
Moroccan Argan Oil - $2.50/oz
Sweet Almond Oil - $2.50/oz
Golden Jojoba Oil - $2.50/oz
Avocado Oil - $2.50/oz

Sent & Shave

Deodorant Paste (Sustain Yourself)
- Lemon Lavender - $6.50/oz
- Peppermint Patchouli $6.50/oz

Speakeasy Aftershave / Cologne (Rainwater Botanicals) - $4.50/oz
Coolness Aftershave (Colorado Aromatics) - $3.00/oz

Body & Room Spray (Root & Splendor)
-Swell - $2.30/oz
-Hush - $2.30/oz


Salt Scrubs (Colorado Aromatics)
- Lavender Rose - $2.00/oz
- Rosemary Mint - $2.00/oz
- Coriander Orange - $2.00/oz

Bath Salts (Colorado Aromatics)
- Lavender Rose - $2.00/oz

Teeth & Mouth

Toothpaste Tablets (Kaylaan)
- Mint Fluoride - $7.00/oz
- Blueberry Fluoride - $7.00/oz
- Mint (fluoride-free) - $7.00/oz
- Cinnamon (fluoride-free) - $7.00/oz
- Neem (fluoride-free) - $7.00/oz
- Strawberry (fluoride-free) - $7.00/oz
-Watermelon (fluoride-free) - $7.00/oz

Toothpaste Tablets (Huppy)
- Peppermint (fluoride-free) - $7.00/oz
- Charcoal Peppermint (fluoride-free) - $7.00/oz

Mouthwash Tablets (Huppy)
- Cool Mint - $8.00/oz


Peppermint - $1.30/oz
Jasmine - $2.00/oz
Yerba Mate - $1.25/oz
Hibiscus- $2.50/oz
Herbal Chai - $2.50/oz
Chamomile - $2.15/oz
Earl Grey - $2.05/oz
English Breakfast - $2.10/oz
Raspberry Leaf - $1.75/oz
Rooibos - $1.55/oz
Darjeeling - $2.99/oz
Oolong - $5.00/oz
Cold Comfort - $2.25/oz
Immune Support - $5.99/oz
Balance Him - $5.99/oz
Balance Her - $5.99/oz


Allspice - $1.50/oz
Bay Leaves - $1.00/oz
BBQ Seasoning - $1.50/oz
Black Peppercorn (ground) - $1.60/oz
Black Peppercorn (whole) - $2.25/oz
Cinnamon (ground) - $1.90/oz
Cinnamon (sticks) - $3.50/oz
Cloves (whole) - $2.45/oz
Coriander - $1.30/oz
Cumin - $1.50/oz
Curry - $1.50/oz
Garam Masala - $1.80/oz
Garlic Powder - $1.20/oz
Onion Powder - $1.20/oz
Oregano - $1.99/oz
Paprika - $1.40/oz
Turmeric - $0.95/oz

Power Powders

Acaí Berry - $4.99/oz
Adaptogen Blend - $1.99/oz
Beet Root - $0.95/oz
Cacao - $0.75/oz
Goji Berry - $2.75/oz
Hemp Protein - $1.20/oz
Matcha - $2.75/oz
Maca - $1.20/oz
Morniga - $1.50/oz
Seven Seaweed Blend - $2.99/oz
Spirulina (tablets) - $1.80/oz

Bring your bottles. Buy by the ounce.

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